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How to lure, praise and treat with dog training treats

Do you know how to properly use dog training treats? Making good use of the dog treats will highly increase your dog training performance. Every dog loves treats so you must have them in your training arsenal.
Some treats are higher in calories and fat and it is important not to overfed your dog with them. The most common treats are the high-protein treats, just like high-quality aliments for humans. You probably have noticed that your dog likes some treates more so you should use those treats when starting to experiment with training. The smaller the treats are, the better, because, in this way the dog can eat them faster and not lose focus on your movement.Likewise, soft treats are best because the dog can chew them much easier: small pieces of hot dogs, cheese, beef sticks, turkey sticks and other..
You must use these treats as lures - a simple method to learn the dog to follow your hand for each tasty treat. Therefore the dog will understand that yummy things are at your fingertips and in time this scenario will come in handy when you will start teaching tricks.
1.Learning to lure. While holding a treat in your fingertips, move your hand closer to the dog’s face and you notice that the dog will follow your hand’s movement.

Continue to do that and notice the dog will follow with his nose.
2.How to praise and treat. After you learned how to lure guide, try it again, this time praise the dog, call his name, touch his collar to remain interested in the treat as much as possible Try to move your hand away from the dog’s head slowly and you will notice how the dog will follow your hand.
imageSomehow if your dog lose interest try doing things differently like moving your hand in a different manner. Joyfully call his name and be emotive so he can’t ignore you. After short time (30sec-1min) reward the dog with the treat and with verbal praise and don’t forget to pet him.Replay this exercise 10-15 times a day until you get used to it. .Please follow this blog for upcoming interesting posts about diy dog traning
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